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Ballroom, Latino, Rock, Argentine Tango

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Ballroom Classes in English

Ballroom other levels

Ballroom beginners

The most classical class. It includes the 3 standard dances

  • Waltz
  • Tango
  • Qickstep

plus the 3 latine dances
  • Cha-cha
  • Rumba
  • Jive

For more details about all the 10 dances please click here.

Good to know

  • Newcomers:
    We start from the very basic.

    Will learn basic variatios of Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Cha-cha, Rumba and Jive  

  • We change the dances every 4 weeks. See "working in modules" below.

  • The classes are held in English, German, French and/or Dutch according to the majority of the participants.

  • In order to follow the strict corona regulations, we have to work with fixed couples. If your partner is living with you the better, if not please count him/her into your narrow contacts of 5 persons!
  • Participants without a partner please contact us.

Working in modules
Working in modules means that for 4 weeks, we work on the same dance. Then we switch to another dance, keeping the previous in rehearsal mode for about 15 min of every lesson. The dance of the beginners class will then be followed up in the intermediate I class.

Your advantages

  • Compose your individual dance programme (you decide which modules you follow at which level). E.g. you can follow only latin modules or standard modules and you can skip dances that you do not like

  • Progress at your own speed. Dances you know you can follow at intermediate level

  • Easy recovery: missed a class - recover the other day

  • Intermediate dancers can always book the last two lessons of the beginners level to prepare for the intermediate level for free.

Ballroom Intermediate & Advanced
For dancers with experience:
  • Intermediate:
    you followed our beginners class or one year of ballroom classes in an other club or school  
    you will discover Slowfoxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble and Samba as new dances
    and work on short but new variations in the other dances
  • Advanced:
    you did follow our intermediate level or you have 2 or more years of classes   
    we spend a lot time in getting more understanding for all the dances
    achieve harmony in the couple, learn new techniques,
  • The language is basically English but we do adapt to the dancers in NL, D, F where necessary and in individual coaching

There are still some places available
Please text us (+32 (0)496 50 90 83) before you come, so we can provide you with more detailed information.
Dates and times
Argentine Tango  
Sunday at 16:30 Newcomers
The class will start with a basic principles and will progressively built further on. You will be introduced to the special improvisation technique of the tango
from the very beginning. Beginners or dancers with very little experience
Free-Trial-Lesson 12.09.2021
First class on 26.09.2021
10 x 1h = 85,-€ + yearly membership 12,-€
or 210,-€ annuelle fee p.p.

Salsa & Latino au Poséidon, Dimanche 20:35
Didier votre professeur vous introduira dans tous les secrets des danses latino.
On a commencer par un premier module de Salsa, mais vous verrez aussi le Cha-Cha, La Rumba, La Bachata.
En couple, les personnes seules merci de nous contacter
Free-Trial-Lesson 17.10.2021
Abonnement annuelle 200€ p.p.(25x 55 minutes)
Rock 4 temps ou Disco Swing Lundi 19:45
Le plus classic des rocks avec une touche spéciale.
Il peut se danser sur les chansons pop actuelles.
Jayasree vous introduira dans les secrets de ce style dynamique.
Le cours s'adresse aux débutants.
Le programme est annuelle et progressive.
Cours gratuit le 13.09.2021 merci de vous inscrire ici
Tout l'année 200€ carte de membre incl.  ou
par 10 x 1h = 85,-€ (+ carte de membre annuelle de 12,-€ p.p.)

This is an introduction class into modern disco swing, we will later explore different styles like the hustle or boogie-tap.
The class will be held in the majority of participants language.

Swing Intermediate includes West Coast Swing, Boogie & Hustle Mondays 20:50
Aprofondir le Rock 4 temps, mais aussi la decouverte d'autre style de swing
West Coast Swing,
Un style très joli, sophistiqué à danser sur des musique lente ou rapide en 4 temps. Au depart c'est surtout apprendre des bonnes bases dans la connection pour créer un diaglogue fluide entre les deux danseurs. Didier et Jayasree vous introduiront dans ce monde.
parfait pour la musique sixtees. le classic rock.
une form the rock pour tous les musiques pop, mais plus dynamique par son rhythme asymetrique.
Cours gratuit le 13.09.2021 merci de vous inscrire ici
Tout l'année 200€ carte de membre incl. ou par 10 x 1h = 85,-€ (+ carte de membre annuelle de 12,-€ p.p.)

Rock & Swing Débutants 19:30 au Poséidon
Un cours en modules. Didier commencera par le Rock 4 temps et progressivement vous decouvriez les autres style de swing.
Cours intensif en petit group.
cours gratuit le 17.10.2021 merci de vous inscrire ici
Abonnement annuel 200 € carte de membre incl. (25 x 55 minutes)
Skylight Dance Club asbl vzw goe
e-mail: skylight.danceclub@skynet.be | gsm: 0496 50 90 83
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