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Junior club


Please fill in the studentpart and at least on parent part. Thank you very much indeed.

We can also send you a registration form in word format. Please send an email to skylight.danceclub@skynet.be.

Registration form

 English German French Dutch


 Thursday 17:15 Beginners Friday 20:00 Advanced
 Friday 17:15 Beginners Thursday 18:40 Medallists/ Competitors
 Friday 18:40 Beginners Rising Stars beginners
 Thursday 20:00 Technique
Parent 1 to be informed first


 English German French Dutch
Parent 2 only to be filled in if different from parent 1Tip


 English German French Dutch

Skylight Dance Club asbl vzw goe
e-mail: skylight.danceclub@skynet.be | gsm: 0496 50 90 83
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