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Photoshoot Thursday 26.03.2020
When from 17:00 onwards
Where Lutgardiscollege
Peter Testelmans our professional Photoartist is coming to Brussels for all juniorclub dancers. He will take individual and couple photos of all dancers.
You can pair up as you wish. He makes you all looking stunning!!!
Please come dressed up, with a decent makeup and well styled hair; don't forget the right shoes
You will receive more details in an email but please keep the date; it was the only one possible to make him come to Brussels.
This photoshoot is free for the juniorclub dancers.
Schedule Youth dancers
Beginners Mondays17:15-18:30
Technique (open to adultes and to all levels)Thursdays18:30-19:45
Schedule Rising Stars
Advanced/ competitorsFridays18:45-21:30
BeginnersComing up in September 2020

What we teach

First year dances (Beginners):
Mambo, Cha-cha, Disco-Swing, Quickstep, English Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Jive

Important principles that we teach:

  • The differences between the standard and latin-american dances
  • Recognizing the dances, knowing their basic rhythm, and a rough idea of the characteristics of the dances
    (what do we wish to express, what is the dance about)
  • Awareness of the own body and the partner's body in movement
  • Lead and follow basic principles
  • Responsibilities on and around the dancefloor
  • Etiquette for a ball or festive social dance event

Second year (Advanced):
Samba, Salsa, Rumba, Paso Doble, are
added and we study more sophisticated combinations in the other dances
Third year (Medallists):

Basic competive figures and technique If possible we also study Slowfoxtrot

Competitors classes:
Fridays 20:00-21:30  
In this class we wish to give the dancers a deeper understanding and training. The final goal is to achieve a basic competitive level (debutants B) or pre-amateur level at the Bel-AL competitions in a few dances:
Waltz, Tango, Quickstep
Rumba, Cha-cha, Jive
The routines will be adapted to competitive dancing. All technical aspect of the dances as hold, posture, movement, footwork, body actions and partnering skills will be trained.
So these dancers are asked to do at least two classes, their own group and the competitors class. So they can continue to also develop the other dances as Viennese Waltz, Slowfoxtrot, Samba and Paso Doble.
We also recommend them to participate in the technique group to enhance their dancing skills.
For those, who wish to participate in a competition it will be necessary to practise at least once a week on their own.Free practise on Tuesday 17:00-19:00.

Competitive couples will be registered to Danssport Vlanderen (25,- € per couple).
They can also participate in the competitions of the Belgian Amateur League;
Fees for the competitions need to be payed at the venue by the competitors!
Registration is obligatory and you need to pay a fine if you do not show up.
According to the level, the trainers will decide together with couples which competitions are most suitable.
Rising Stars
Newcomer will start again in September 2020
We created this class for younger students (9-12 years) interested in dance sport.
As most of our dancers are already dancing 2-3 years we integrated them to the advanced class; but they still are coached seperatly.
They develop body coodination, posture, coordination with music and coordination with a partner.
Our rising stars are coached by Barbra Weyer

Advanced Fridays 18:45-20:00

Boys and girls are welcome to this once a week class. They don't need partners.

Class fee: 160,- € per participant includes
  • minimum 23x 1h15 + general rehearsals to the ball
  • membership in Skylight Dance Club asbl and Danssport Vlanderen

Class fees
1 class is 160,- €
per participant (Beginners, Advanced & Medallists), it includes:
  • a mininum of 23 lessons of 1 hour 15 minutes
  • membership in the Skylight Dance Club asbl and Danssport Vlanderen
  • 4 general rehearsals to prepare for the Galaball

2 classes is 240,- € per participant, it includes:
  • a minimum of 46 lessons of 1 hous 15 minutes (Competitors will also join a group lesson of their level or technique)
  • membership in the Skylight Dance Club and Danssport Vlanderen
  • 8 general rehearsals to prepare for the Galaball (4 of their groups + 4 for the competitors group)

3 classes 300,- € per participant; it includes:
  • annual all inclusiv pass for all juniorclub classes, workshop and practises
  • membership in the Skylight Dance Club and Danssport Vlanderen
  • all general rehearsals
  • not included the bals
New Entries from
September 2020
Open House Party
for new comers &
all junior club dancers
(no parents)
Angelo and Jayasree will teach
a special choreography,
which they created as specialy
for this event
Meet the students of former years
Skylight Dance Club | Salle St. Anne | Chaussée de Tervueren 129 | 1160 Brussels (Auderghem)
e-mail: skylight.danceclub@skynet.be | gsm: 0496 50 90 83
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