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Adult classes


Thank you for your interest in our adult classes. To register, please fill in the form below and


Mrs / MmeM / Mrother

My dancepartner

if not the same as above

I/We would like to register for the following classes

 Ballroom Intermediate I, Sunday 20:30 Ballroom Beginners, Wednesday 21:00 Ballroom Coaching, Fridays 21:00
 Ballroom Intermediate II, Sundays 17:45 Ballroom Intermediate II, Wednesday 19:45
 Ballroom advanced Sunday 19:00 Ballroom Technique, Thurday 19:45

 Argentine Tango Newcomers, Sunday 15:45 Swing/Rock Newcomers, Monday 19:30 Ballroom solo, Beginners, Tuesdays 20:00
 Argentine Tango, Intermediate, Sundays 16:45 Swing/Rock Intermediate, Monday 20:30  Ballroom Solo, Intermediate, Tuedays 21:00
 Basic 4 couples, Wednesday 18:45 Salsa Beginners, Tuedays 19:00

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e-mail: | gsm: +32 496 50 90 83
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