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Galaball 24th of June 2023

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Details of the programme
19:45 Doors for Dinnerdance
01:00 Closing
 Tipps & Dresscode
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75 € per persons including dinner & drinks

Salons Mantovani
Dinner, Dance, Showcases


18:00-18:20 Doors and welcome
18:30-19:55 Student showcases
19:45-20:00 Doors and welcome, guests that do not wish to attend the showcases
20:00-21:30 cold buffet and open dancefloor for all
21:30-21:45 Viennese Waltz opening
21:45-23:00 open dancefloor for all
23:00-23:15 competitors show
23:15-01:00 open dancefloor for all

Dresscode ladies

General long evening gown, very festive
tipps and adjustments to make them comfortable for dancing
  • no trains
  • no tight  skirt form see picture below
  • shoulderline should allow to take up the arms to shoulderhight
  • dresses should not be to havy, otherwise they will delay too much when you turn
  • adjust the seemline about 5-7 cm off the ground, see photo 2
  • a shawl, wrap or cape to cover the shoulders during dinner
  • longs gloves are a stylish accessory with sleveless dresses
  • a two piece dress or wide pant combination can be an alternative, the top can be reused easier later
  • even a top in lace, brocade or velvet combined with a wide skirt or very wide legged pants see photo here under
when you fit the dress,
  • take your dancing shoes with you
  • walk backwards are you stepping on your seem then it needs to be trimmed
  • make a few dancesteps and turns, everything stays in place, perfect
  • lift up your arms, all in place even if you turn with the arms up, excellent choice
Styles for dresses that are suitable for dancing comfortably
Seem line for long gown
5-7 cm off the floor
ankel hight is fine too
Example for a two piece gown
note the skirt is too long
a superbe wide trouser combination

Dresscode gents

suit in 2 or 3 pieces,
tuxedo or smoking
wool, silk, synthetics with shiny or mat look,
suit shirt, bow tie, jabot or tie
suit shoes or dancing shoes, no casual shoes
  • fitting the shoulders, when the buttons are closed
  • fitting the waist line
  • adjusting the sleevs, the shirt cuffing should be seen
  • length, a small break on the front is fine
The waist coat or vest
  • waist coat, jabot or bowtie or tie, and pocket square could be in fantansy fabric
  • waist coats are a wonderful way to dress up for the dancefloor,
    they enhance the bodyshape, and the arms are free for a beautiful posture or arms movements
The shirt
  • a suit shirt is fine, the bowtie loves a smoking shirt
  • here a brief shirt guide
    if you consider to join formal dancing events more often you might consider to buy a
  • a danceshirt is from elastic material and breathing fabric, bodyfitted
    here an example from the german brand Maly (good fabrics, long living, Marc had already several of them)
The accessories
  • the pocket square
  • tie, bow tie or jabot
  • cufflings
  • a watch
We found this website for men realy helpful and did choose some articles for you
Real men Real style (click on the link to get to article)

classical 3 piece suit
classical 2 piece suit
the smoking
sorry a tweed sport suit in not
allowed on formal event
fitting is most impotant
a cheaper suit but, well fitting is better then a non fitting highend designer suit

a waist coat or vest
can also be in fantasie fabric, or in a different tone on tone or contrast coulour
dare to be creative

black tie
ususally only allows a hand knotted black bow tie
but nowadays preknoted bowties and stylish ties are acepted too

dance shirts
are actually made for sport dancers as training wear
they are very light weighted, elastic, non irining, breathable and a super comforatable alternative to the classical shirt

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