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Personalized individual classes

Wedding couples, competitors, individual dancers or couples

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You wish
  • to advance at your own speed,
  • only want to learn specific dances
  • to follow individual schedules
  • to join the competition floor

Wedding couples
We shall be glad to choreograph your very personal opening dance to your dream song


Our highly qualified teachers are professional trainers with systematic teaching methods in all styles of couple dancing. They are able to teach lady's and man's technique. As excellent coaches, they adapt to your individual needs as a person and a couple.

There are slots the whole week through, including Saturdays. For open slots please text to 0496 50 90 83 or fill in the contact form below.
Contact Form
Please fill in the form and press the send button at the end.
 Wedding opening
 Technique latin or standard
 Preparation for competition
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