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Free trial lessons week 10/09-16/09/2023


Trial lesson - please book

All classes are still open. Please book your trial lesson with the forms below adults/seniors and junior club/rising stars.
You can register for the class(es), after your trial lesson adults, senior club or junior club
If you do not sign up, you do not have to pay anything.
Free-Trial-Lesson adults
Ballroom Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Argentine Tango Sunday
Salsa Tuesday
Rock Swing Monday
portes-ouvertes senior
13h30 Cours avancé
15h00 Cours de Tango Argentin
13h30 Cours débutant
14h30 Entrainement dirigé

Free trial lesson Junior club & Rising stars
Thursdays & Fridays 13 + years
17:15-18:30 Open house party
Saturday 6-12 years
10:00 Newcomers
11:00 Dancers with little experience

Adults dance classes
Senior 50+ dance program
Kid 6-12 y. & Youth 13+

All about our free trial lessons week


From Sunday 10 September till Saturday 16 September 2023



All lessons will be structered the same way
1. Welcome to the class, explaining what this class is about
2. Tryout : we will teach a specifique basic step or structure so you can get a feel for the teachers, their teaching style and the dance style itself
3. Question and Answers: Teacher are open to explains all about the dances and the teaching
These lessons are not considerd to be the first lesson.
Registrations for your free trials & adminstrations questions please contact us

How many classes can I try

As many as you wish
But please sign up for all of them with the form below
If you cannot join for a class that you did sign up for, please text to 0496 50 90 83,
so we can give your place to another person

Registration form for free trial lessons

This is only a registration for free trial lessons not for a class.
Please complete the form and push the send button at the end.
You will receive an automatic answer, and we shall contact you personally asap.


 Sunday 15:45 Arg. Tango Beginners Monday 19:30 Disco Swing Beginner Wednesday 18:45 Basics 4 couples
 Sunday 16:45 Arg. Tango Intermediate Monday 20:30 Swing Intermediate Wednesday 19:45 Ballroom Intermediate II
 Sunday 17:45 Ballroom Intmediate II Tuesday 13:30 Senior cours débutant Wednesday 21:00 Ballroom beginners
 Sunday 19:00 Ballroom Advanced Tuesday 14:30 Senior practise Thursday 19:45 Technique
 Sunday 20:30 Ballroom Intermediate I Tuesday 19:00 Salsa beginners Friday 21:00 Ballroom Coaching
 Monday 13:30 senior cours avancé  Tuesday 20:00 ballroom Solo beginners
 Monday 15:00 Senior Tango argentin Tuesday 21:00 ballroom Solo intermediate

Are you searching for a dance partner, then please note your hight, your age group, (ex 30-40 years), the dancestyle, your dance level, and your motivation (ex only for danceclasses, or 1 lesson plus one practise per week) in the comment box


Free-Trials for 6-12 and 13+ years

juniorclub and rising stars

Rising stars 6-12 years

Saturday 16/09/23 at Lutgardiscollege

10:00 - 11:00

11:00 - 12:00
students with dancing experience

Both trial lesson will be only 45 minutes, to give the parents enough time with the teachers. Please mention the age of the student in the comment of the sign up form.

Junior Club 13+

Open house party 14/09/23, Lutgardiscollege
17:30 - 19:30
free trial mini-lessons for all levels
animations, party dances
meet the dancers and teachers

First lessons juniorclub
Friday 15/09 and Thursday 21/09

Vielen Dank

Registration Junior Club &/or Rising Stars Free Trial Lesson

Please fill in all fields and press the send button at the very end.
Attention these registrations are only valid for the free trial lessons
Places in the class will only be booked with the full registration form and payment
You will return to an answering page  if your registration was succesful and also receive an automatic email.

Thank you very much indeed


 Openhous party 14/09 18:30 Saturday 16/09 11:00 Risings Stars Intermediate
 Friday 15/09 21:00 Ballroom Coaching  Thursday 15/09 19:45 Technique
 Saturday 16/09 10:00 Rising Stars Beginners

 Thursday 17:15 Beginners Friday 18:30 Advanced  Saturday 10:00 Rising Stars Beginners
 Thursday 19:45 Technique Friday 19:45 Medallist Saturday 11:00 Risings Stars Intermediate
 Friday 17:15 Beginners Friday 21:00 Ballroom Coaching


Mr / M
Mrs / Mme

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