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The number of girls and boys is very uneven this year. So we created a new challenge.
The theme of the evening is "a night at the film awards"
Every group will have it's own little show.
The dances will be woven into each other, including partner changes and the creation of pictures.
Taking part in this very special project will be exciting and asks team spirit.
Let's get started
Here is the plan:
Friday Beginners + Rising Stars 17:00-18:30

Friday Advanced 18:30-19:45

Friday Competitors 19:45-21:45

Mondays Beginners 17:00-18:30

Thursday Medallist I 17:00-18:15

Thursday Technique 18:15-19:30

Thursday Medallist II 19:30-21:00

General Rehearsals
Friday 24.05.2019
17:00-18:00 Beginners Monday & Friday
18:00-19:30 Viennese Waltz all
19:30-21:30 Competitors

Thursday 13.06.2019
17:00-18:30 Beginners Monday & Friday
18:30-20:00 Viennese Waltz all
20:00-21:00 Advanced Medallist I
21:00-22:00 Technique/ Medaillist II

Friday 14.06.2019
17:00-18:30 Beginners Monday & Friday
18:30-20:00 Viennese Waltz all
20:00-21:30 Competitors

An unforgettable evening in at Salons Mantovani.
It is a Saturday evening and in order to have as much dancing as possible we will already start at 18:30

Frequently asked? For the answers please scoll down

Do I need a dancepartner?
No!!!! As the number of boy and girls is very unbalanced this year we worked out other solutions for the showcases. A special rehearsal plan has been established to make sure everybody gets enough practise. Please make sure to keep to this plan very strictly.

Why does it take place at the Salons Mantovani?
The wedding location offers a spacious festive hall of 1000 m², with a perfect wooden dancefloor. The whole complex has been renovated in 2021.
The catering is excellent and at a reasonable price. The service attentive and discrete. It has a big free parking area, a wonderful garden area to take a little breath.

What is included in the price?
aperitif, cold buffet, dessert, soft drinks, free parking, and the whole ball programme.
For the safety of our dancers no alcoholic drinks are served to the junior club dancers. Adults will have red wine, white wine and or beer during dinner through out the ball. Strong beers and other alcoholic drinks are not included!

Other questions:

Why do juniorclub dancers also pay for the ball?
The yearly fee only covers the danceclasses and the preparation classes to the ball. We cannot cover ther galaball with annual class fee!

Do I need to participate in the Galabal?
No you are not obliged. However it is a very experience to follow the whole programme including the ball. Foreign Universities still do have the tradition of galaballs and for your professional life, you might be invited to represent your country, your profession or your company at a galaball event

Are the parents joining us?
Yes. This ball is hold as an formal event where the participant will present the confidence and poise they have achieved in dancing and during the formal dinner event

Only one parent can join me? / Parents dance
Sometimes important agenda issues will cause problems and only one parent can accompany the student to the ball. However it is better for the dancer if at least one can come to show him/her the appreciation for the effort to come to the dance classes for a whole year.
We do not hold a special dance with the parents any more. But if you wish to have a dance with you daughter or son, then please take the time to practise at least once with them at home. Your daughter or son will be delighted to show you what they learned and share their skills with you.
Anyhow we plan enough time for the parents and students to dance on this really beautiful floor of 250m².

Crash classes for parents with dance experience can be booked as private lessons. (Max. 3 couples they should all have the same level)
Prices and booking please by sms to 0496 50 90 83

Can other family members join us?
With pleasure. Take care that brother and sister should be dancers themselves, so they can really participate in the ball.

How to get to the Salons Mantovani?
We working on group transport by busses or minivans

Can we book a table?
The new online booking allows you to choose your own places at the table. Please note the junior club student are seated in seperate area, very close to the buffet.

Can a junior club student dancers also come to the ball alone?
Yes please use the minor registration form.


18:30        Welcome with Aperitif     
19:15        opening with Viennese Waltz
19:30        Opening buffet and general dancing for all
22:15        Dessert
00:00        Show staring an international competitive couple
01:30        Thank you & and see you all next year
Show cases of the students will be spread in 5-6 short blocks of 10-12 min spread over whole evening (20:30-00:00)

We will welcome you all personnally, please bring you personal invitations on your smart phone or as a print

Aperitif: guests cava or fruits juice, junior club dancers : only juice
Water & sparkling water is at your table
Wijn and beer only at the parents table
Junior Club dancers soft drinks only

The Chef of the Salons Mantovani are very well known for weddings and other formal events.
They will suggest, meat, fish and vegetarian compositions
Take a look at their site
Salons Mantovani, Doorn 1, 9700 Oudenaarde

All groups will present 3 dances. For these showcases we will hold rehearsals. You don't need to partner up. This year every group will present a real showpiece, choreographed by the teachers. Take the challenge.

Dresscode: black tie also for the parents and guests

Festive evening gown for all participants and guests. Festliche Abendgarderobe für alle Teilnehmer.

Debutant girls: Long dress, shoes, coiffure, eventually juwerly
the idea is to learn how to move in an evening gown with poise and confidence
In order to practise, we ask the girls to wear something similar in length including the shoes already during the rehearsals

Other girls: evening gown, it might be shorter

Tipps for suits:
We had good experiences with
Maurizio, Chaussée de Louvain 4, 1210 Brüssel, Tel.& Fax: 02 230 90 53 (10-19h)
Rifino Anderlecht, Rue de Fiennes 1,1070 Anderlecht
Rue de Brabant there are several shops
Shirts also at C&A or makro
Please also ask previsous dancers, usually they shall be glad to sell their first outfit.

Tipps for the evening gown of the girls:

Students of previous classes shall be glad to sell their dresses.
An embrodery top or corsage can be combined with a wide floating skirt.
Refraine from mermaid dresses, and all trains. Make sure the model is allowing to move the arms freely
Eventually ask for a shal or bolero during the dinner
We cannot recommend bridal shops they are too expensive
Good shops also all along in the rue de Brabant 1030 Brussels, also open on Sundays  exemples:
Modelim at Rue de Brabant 200, Yega  at Rue de Branbant 61....
For those who want to sew. We can help with choosing the pattern and fitting
Fabric: Berger, Rue de la Caserne, 1000 Brüssel good for the tafeta
Textila, close to the metro station Eddy Mercx. They are very competent and friendly.
Clients also where satisfied with in Kraainem. The dresses can be sold afterwards with 30% off.
We also tested really beautiful dresses also on your own messures. or light in the box

Salons Mantovani: Doorn 1, 9700 Oudenaarde

Previously the gala evening was organized by the parents. 2002 the Skylight Dance Club was asked to take over the organization.
We were looking for a festive location with a good catering service at reasonable price, allowing to have at least a 20x10 parket dancefloor.
For a long time we enjoyed the Salons Carlton, so we were very sorry to get informed that they are not available anymore.
Searching for a new location, Salons Mantovani are a bit further but the really ideal replacement.

It is a beautiful location with wonderful parket dancefloor and as they are regularly housing the belgian championship professionals, they are used to ballroom dancers.
As the ball is taking place on a Saturday the highways should be free and takes about 1h to get there from St. Anne's.

Students and Guests can experience a very formal, festive eveningball (style Viennese Ball)
Common transport we can help to coordinate available places (covoiturage)
But for those who wish to come induvidually, big free parking space at the venue

Many helping hands for an unforgetable evening
the prestigious venue for the galaball
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