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junior club springball

03 05 2024 19:00-22:30 at Lutgardiscollege
Doors : 18:30
We are looking forward to welcoming all our junior club dancers and
their dancing friends for the second ball of this season.
Whothis is an exclusive event for our junior club dancers of all levels and their dancing friends as well as the rising star dancers, also former junior club dancers are very welcome to join in.
WhatAngelo and Leo have been searching for you the best music to dance on. We will all help you to get more confident on a ball. We have also foreseen some animations, a splinter new line dance and dancing games
Girls: something festive, no jeans, take care of the accessories, shoes, hairstyle
Boys: long trousers, no jeans, shirt, tie or bowtie, eventually a waste-coat or jacket, dancing shoes or suit shoes, no boots, no trainers...
We will award the best dressed girl and the best dressed boy
Beverageswater, sparkling water and other refreshments are included in the ticket
Entrance fee
8,-€ per participant
please book in advance through our event website
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