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Dancing shoes

Feet are all very different and often very sensitive. To find shoes that fit and please is challenging. We are working with several brands as Diamant, top tanz and rummos.

With rummos we have an exclusive agreement. We have shoes on stock for you to try. They are only to determine the perfect size and to give you an idea about the different heel hights and materials available. We will order you personalized shoe, model, width, heel, material directly in Portugal. The shoes will be ordered immediately. Within 4 weeks, you will receive your personalized dream shoes. In very urgent cases or with models on stock it might be shorter.
Count 75-90€ per pair for a very good quality dance shoe.

Please take an appointement so we have some time to try out and personalize your dancing shoe with you.

To give you some examples we are presenting a little selection of the rummos catalogue 2015/2016.

Enjoy dancing with well supported feet...

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