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Ballroom by Tiffany
Competitors classes:
Fridays 20:00-21:30  
In this class we wish to give the dancers a deeper understanding and training. The final goal is to achieve a basic competitive level (debutants B) or pre-amateur level at the Bel-AL competitions in a few dances:
Waltz, Tango, Quickstep
Rumba, Cha-cha, Jive
The routines will be adapted to competitive dancing. All technical aspects of the dances as hold, posture, movement, footwork, body actions and partnering skills will be trained.
So these dancers are asked to do at least two classes, their own group and the competitors class. So they can continue to also develop the other dances as Viennese Waltz, Slowfoxtrot, Samba and Paso Doble.
We also recommend them to participate in the technique group to enhance their dancing skills.
For those, who wish to participate in a competition it will be necessary to practise at least once a week on their own.Free practise on Tuesday 17:00-19:00.

Competitive couples will be registered to Danssport Vlanderen (25,- € per couple).
They can participate in the competitions of the Belgian Amateur League or the competitions of the Belgian Dancesport Federation
Fees for the competitions need to be payed at the venue by the competitors!
Registration is obligatory and you need to pay a fine if you do not show up.
According to the level, the trainers will decide together with couples which competitions are most suitable.
Program by weekday
Program by style
Program by location
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Corona Rules
  • Contact free registration with your digital member card
  • Please bring your own waterbottle, towel.
  • There is a desinfection gel for your hands. Between groups the essentials elements will be desinfected. There is a cleaning break between de classes.
  • Payments only to our bank account.
  • Enter through Av. de la Sablière 4-6, 1160 Brussels, exit Rue Emile Steeno 4, 1160 Brussels.
    Please drop and pick up in time, for safety reasons the students have to wait outside.

Welcome to the Skylight Dance Club

We are a non-profit organisation, providing couple dance lessons and solo classes and activities
for all levels and ages, from beginners to competitors.

Passionate, dynamique, multilingual teachers, an international enviroment, casual and sportive atmosphere

Viennese Waltz
3 modules for complete beginners,
Saturdays at Lutgardiscollege

Module A:   17/09/2022,
12:15-14h:15, doors at 12:00
Introduction for complete beginners
Pendelum steps & variation, box, turning box, hold...
20  € per person

Module A1:     24/09
12:15-13h:00, doors at 12:00
Recap Pedelum steps, box and turning box
Module B:      24/09
13:10-14:30, doors at 13:00
change steps, veleta, solo turns, bringing the box up to speed
Module A1 + B = Newcomers 20 € per person for both session
Module B only 15 € per person

Module A1:     01/10
12:15-13h:00, doors at 12:00
Recap Pedelum steps, box and turning box 01/10 doors at 12h
Module C:       01/10
13:10-14:30, doors at 13h
reverse box, change places, connecting the modules
Module A1 + C = Newcomers 20 € per person for both session
Module C only 15 € per person

Package deal
all the 3 Saturdays 42 € per person instead of 50 €
Workshops will only take place if there are at least 3 couples sign up
Sign up here
2 hours of intensive dancing at Poséidon
once a month from october 2022


Centre Sportif Poséîdon

please text your name and the date you wish to register for to 0496 50 90 83. Thank you very much indeed

about different styles and techniques in couples dances

will be announced here in time

all workshops are open to all levels and also students of other clubs are welcome
you can also join without a partner.

including the practise session:
  • free for holders of an all in annual pass
    (360,-€ adultes/300€ junior Club)
  • for all other members 10€ p.p.;
    non members 15 € p.p.

practise is the key to success, so keep on dancing
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