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Stocard App

Help the enviroment and use the app to save plastic and paper.
This free application allows you to create your Skylight Membercard on your smartphone.
The app will turn your membernumber into a barcode that the scanner can read

Why do I need my membercard?
The membernumber is individual for each dancer and identifies the person to the system.
It helps us to find back your details, to register you, to creat presence list faster....
We are asked by the insurance to provide a presencelist of every activity,
that is why we ask you to always register for each activity even for the practise.

Can I still have a member card?
However if you still wish to have a plastifed membercard, we shall deliver the first one for free.
Please contact us here with your full name and if you know your member number.
Attention do not wash them.
If you need a replacement, we ask little fee of 3,-€ to create a new one.
Your membernumber stays the same, even if you leave us and come back later.
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